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Little M turned 16 months a few days ago..

She has been starting to speak 2 word sentences.. it’s the cutest thing.

So far, she LOVES to say “hi” to everything.

“Hi, Joe!” (Daddy)
“Hi, buh-boos!” (Bubbles)
“Hi, Eh-mo!” (Elmo)
“Hi, Daisy!” (Daisy Duck)

She LOVES saying “bye” to everything.

“Bye, Joe!” (Daddy)
“Bye, Daisy” (Daisy Duck)
“Bye, Mimi!” (Me, leaving for work)
“Bye, light!” (Lights in the room)

She’s also able to tell me what she wants to do..

“Ah walk, ah walk, ah walk.”  (I walk.)
“Ah sit” (I sit)

I’ve also taught her how to say “please” when she wants things..


I love this age.  I love the baby talk and the baby words.. I think it’s so cute! 

Her little voice just makes my heart melt too..

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