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“Mommy glam” is….

…wearing a cute outfit, only to end up with snot filled tissues in the pockets that were meant for style, not function.

…getting the clothes, shoes and accessories right, but completely forgetting to put the make up on because your toddler distracted you during the “get ready” process and you end up rushing out the door.

…furiously wiping off the spit up and having your husband and mother smell you to make sure it’s gone on the only pair of cute jeans you have seconds before you rush out the door.

…finger prints all over your Coach sunglasses.

…a bright pink bow in your hair after you give up on your daughter wearing it because she is constantly taking it off, and you don’t want to lose it.

Lastly, “mommy glam” is… Wearing a cute outfit, getting the make up just right, and accessorizing with a cute toddler in a baby pink footed sleeper with happy panda bears all over it..

What is “mommy glam” to you?

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