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This year, little M will be turning two.

When we were first pregnant with her, we had decided that once she turned two years old, we would start trying again for baby number two.

We decided this for several reasons:

First, I’m over 30 years old. I’m 32, to be exact, and I’m definitely not getting any younger. I don’t want to be a high risk pregnancy due to age if we decide to wait longer. Nor do I have the stamina to go chasing around toddlers if I wait any longer. I have a hard enough time keeping up with little M at this age. Running around with my cousin’s children in my early 20s was definitely easier.

Second, we got pregnant so easily the first time, I’m afraid we’d have a hard time the second time around. I heard of those stories where parents had difficulty conceiving their second child. If we started when M was two, this gives us a good amount of time to keep trying before I get too old.

Third, I would like to keep the kids close in age. I’d like to see them grow up closely together. I think it would be fun to see them play together, grow up together, and eventually grow old together.

Fourth, if we decide to have a third kid, I will have plenty of time to try for one… But that’s a major IF.

Trying for another kid once M turns two is ideal. But the more I think about it, I freak out.

What if M isn’t ready!?!

What if I’m not ready!?

The year just started. M won’t turn two until September. I have time to think about it.

Time just moves so fast… Before I know it, it’ll be September and a decision will have to be made…

I guess I will figure it out when we get there.

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