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There’s something about “mommy.”

Posted on: December 29, 2012

There’s something about a mommy.

A child seems to always just want their mommy.

It’s something about a mommy’s hug that seems to make everything right in the world, especially for a sick toddler.

It’s definitely tiring.  She doesn’t want anyone else, so you get no help or relief.  You can’t “change shifts” with daddy to give yourself a break.  You get no “me time” other than the short amounts of time you get to use the restroom.  And even that time is cut short by the little knocks from a toddler whining for “mommy” while daddy tries to comfort her saying, “mommy will be out soon.”

Poor daddy seems to get the sidelined.  He tries so hard to comfort her and spend time with his sick little girl, but everytime she sees mommy, she wiggles out of daddy’s hug and right into mommy’s arms.

There’s just something about a mommy.. and I’m so glad that I am one!

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