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I spent a good part of the weekend wondering if I should post a blog entry about the tragedy that occurred last Friday in Newton, CT.  My heart ached with every news story and every post seen on Facebook.  I cried watching President Obama’s speech during the memorial service yesterday.  He read each name of each victim and my heart just sank more and more.

I felt that this wouldn’t be a proper mommy blog if I didn’t address the issue, yet I was so unsure how to approach it.

As a mother, I’m absolutely heartbroken.  No parent should ever, ever, ever experience the loss of a child in such a senseless manner.  No parent should ever feel fear and anxiety when bringing their child to school.  No parent should have to wake up one morning and within hours, have their lives changed so drastically in such a tragedy.   I cry right now just thinking about it.

I feel sad for the parents that lost their children.  I feel helpless that a hug, or simple words of comfort, can not fix their broken hearts.  Nothing we can do or say will every bring those children back, but I pray that the days will eventually get easier.  I pray that time will heal their hearts and they can celebrate the time they had with those children.  I pray that they can eventually celebrate the lives, instead of mourning the loss.

I feel for the surviving children.  The damage this has done to them is probably so deep.  The fears that have been imbedded in them will probably take years to overcome.  Their innocence was shattered that day.  Their trust in what they thought was safe and secure has been taken away from them.  I pray that they get the help they need in order to live normal lives again. 

I pray for those brave school faculty, teachers and their principal, that did whatever they could to keep their children safe, even if it meant sacrificing their own lives.  Those are true saints in this world that deserve to be recognized for their bravery. 

I feel for every parent and child in the rest of the country.  Parents with school-aged children that may now feel certain anxiety when bringing their kids to school.  No parent should have to wonder if they will ever see their kid again by simply taking them to school.  That should be the farthest thought from their minds.  Schools should be a safe and trusted place.  A parent should be secure in knowing that their children will be taken care of and brought home to them at the end of a school day. 

I feel for the school-aged children old enough to understand what had happened on Friday.  I’m saddened that they might have to deal with the fear of it occuring in their school.  I pray those children be comforted and their fears be dealt with so that they they aren’t scared to go to school today.

I’m sad and angry that this had to happen.  No words can describe how senseless this truly is.  I want to be able to turn back time and spot the red flags and just prevent this from happening at all.  The world shouldn’t be like this.  People shouldn’t act like that.  Children shouldn’t have to suffer at all.

My condolenses to the families of all the lives lost.

So it’s the time of year when a majority of the people at work use up what ever is left of their vacation time…

I, on the other hand, am at work.

Because I was on maternity leave for all of January, I didn’t accrue any vacation time for that month.

Then, with sick baby time off, small vacation time off, M’s well-baby check ups… I used up all the time that I had for this year.

This means, for the rest of the year (two weeks or so..) I have no more personal time off days or vacation days..

All I have to look forward to are the Christmas holidays and the New Years holidays..

Last year, I was right in the middle of my maternity leave.. so it was nice to have this time of the year off..

The year before that, I used up all my time due to the wedding and our honeymoon.  Therefore, I was working at this time of the year while everyone else was on vacation..

Next year, I hope to plan things a little more differently.

I’m hoping that I can save enough time off that I can take a few days of vacation during this time of the year..

Or.. I can dream that by this time next year, I’ll be a stay at home mom.. a mommy can only dream…

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