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Wierd things my kid ate..

Posted on: December 16, 2012


It’s that time of Christmas cards arriving in the mail..

So she’s sitting on the floor with a pile of Christmas cards.  I thought she was looking at the pictures and cards..

Always be weary when your child is quiet.. I’m learning that the hard way..

I look over and she’s got an envelope in her mouth.  She tears a piece and it ends up in her mouth.

I run to try to open her mouth to get it and she tightens her jaw so tightly that I can’t get it open without the possibility of hurting her. 

While I’m trying to get her mouth open, I can see a small smile forming on her lips and she begins to giggle a little bit.

This is funny to her?!

Luckily the laugh loosens her jaw and I was able to take the paper out..

I wasn’t so lucky with another piece of envelope.. as I was trying to open her mouth, I saw her swallow it down. 

The look on her face when she swallowed it was pretty funny.  She was a little surprised that she did that herself..


What’s she gonna try to eat next?!

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