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Posted on: December 8, 2012

Little M’s life consists of very basic generalizations.. it’s funny how toddlers can immediately generalize certain groups of objects and actions..

Here are some of Little M’s generalizations:

All animals bark like dogs.

All letters are E.
This was true until yesterday when she started recognizing the letter “O”

All numbers are 8.

All movement is “up.”
Picking her up, putting her down.. it’s all “up” to her.

No means no and no means yes.

Off means off and off means on.
This pertains to taking off and putting on shoes.  She says “off” for both.

All princesses are Cinderella.
She will initially call all the princesses and Tinkerbell “Cinderella” until you correct her.  Then she will call the princess by it’s proper name.

Everything she drinks is “milk.”
When she asks on her own, her answer is always “milk.”  But if I actually ask her if she wants milk, water or juice, she can answer with the actual drink she is wanting at the moment.

I really think we underestimate how smart toddlers and infants actually are.  I think their observational skills are uncanny.  They really are sponges just soaking up as much as they can..

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