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Last month, Hubby and I had a pregnancy scare.

I hate to use the term “pregnancy scare” because it makes me feel like it would be such a bad thing to be pregnant.

To be honest, with so many friends and family pregnant or popping out babies, the thought of a new little baby in our family has crossed my mind evert so often. Yes, I had a little but of a baby itch…

However, it was just thought. When faced with the reality that we might be pregnant, I was absolutely terrified.

I didn’t really how NOT ready I was for another little baby.

M barely turned 15 months old. If I were to be pregnant, she would barely have turned two, or maybe even still just a year old. She is still very clingy and I would hate to bring a new baby into her world without her fully old enough to understand what that would mean to her.

I worried about daycare when I would return to work. As of now, my inlaws watch her. Would the be willing to take on two kids? Could they handle two when they both start running around?

I just felt that having another one was just too early for us. Other families have kids so close in age all the time, but I just didn’t feel that was the right fit for our family.

Obviously, if I were pregnant, I’d embrace this child wholeheartedly into our lives. Knowing it was God’s will to have another child so soon, I would accept it all.

But I’m glad that it was just a false alarm and we can remain our little family of just the three of us.

I know that we will know when the time is right for our family to add more…

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