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Little M has been wanting to assert more independence lately.

She’s been wanting to feed herself more and more. 

We can’t really get through a meal if she doesn’t have her own spoon in her hand.  She wants to be a part of the feeding festivities.  The more she practices, the better she’s actually getting.  For the most part, it really depends on the food she’s eating, but she can actually get a piece of food onto her spoon and carry it to her mouth without spilling.

She gets so proud of herself when she does it!  I love that look of accomplishment she gets on her face.

She even tries to feed me or hubby.  I think it’s because she sees us feeding her all the time with a spoon that she feels the need to reciprocate the action.  I love it.  Such a sweet girl!

Feeding herself is messy.  I’ve taken to laying a cut-open trash bag underneath her highchair to catch the food she drops.  It’s also a pain to clean it off her lap, and her clothes usually go straight to the hamper.

It would be so much easier to just feed her and keep things clean.

But she’s learning.  She’s exploring and developing this new skill.  I can’t get mad at the spilled food.  It’s part of her learning process. 

I just make sure she isn’t spilling the food on purpose, or waving her spoon around carelessly.  I’ve also had to teach her that she shouldn’t bang her spoon against her plates.  While the sound may be fun to hear, it makes a mess and it could be dangerous if she hits herself or someone else in the process..

I’m so proud at what this little girl has accomplished.  She’ll be 15 months tomorrow and she’s done so much in so little time.

My baby is growing up so fast..

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