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The bathwater.. really?!

Posted on: November 8, 2012

Little M has been trying to drink the bathwater when she takes her bath..

This isn’t a completely new thing for her..

It started a few months ago.. she’d try to put her face in the water.. and she’d end up coughing because I think she was trying to breathe in water..

What is she thinking?!

She now has a different bathtub, and this time she tried to drink the water!

She bent down, mouth only, and tried to drink her bathwater!

Ok.. granted I had taken out the soapy water and had just replaced that with clean water so she can play in it.. but still.. bathwater?!


My kid can’t be the only one that’s done this… right?!



2 Responses to "The bathwater.. really?!"

of course not!!!!

My 17 month old babe, tries every single night.

Every.Single. Night

he looks at us with a guilty face, and pretends he is not bringing one of his stacking cups (full of water) closer and closer to his mouth …

it is hilarious!

the only thing you can do, is to buy the most natural and organic soap or bath cream 🙂

And do not move your eyes from her, at all!

enjoy it

Thanks for the comment! Good to know I’m not the only mother having to deal with this.

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