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My child is definitely a “techie.”  She loves playing with the iPads, iPhones, remote controls and other electronic devices.  If it has a button, you’ll be sure she’s pressing it!

I guess it’s just the sign of the times.. and I know so many of my friends that have children that are exactly like mine..

It’s just the way it is.. and I’m sure back when we were all young, our parents thought of us the same way..

Little M knows how to unlock my phone and iPad. 

On the iPad, she knows how to unlock and pick what app she wants to use.  She sits quietly and watches her Watch Disney Jr app or plays with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally app..

It’s amazing how kids can adapt to all sorts of gadgets and gizmos.  They watch it enough from us using our “toys” that they seem to catch on so quickly!

My child is definitely not the only one iPad/iPhone savvy. 

It’s just so funny to watch this little 14 month old tapping away on the iPad. 

Of course I always put limitations on how long she can play with these “toys.”  So far the excuse, “The iPad is sleeping” is sufficient enough to get her away from it.. and I always make sure she’s playing more with her actual toys than her playing with “my” toys.. hahaha!

Kids these days…

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