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Posted on: November 4, 2012

If you’re friends of mine of Facebook, you will notice that I occasionally update my status with various business ventures I think I can partake in.. It’s a brainstorming process..

I may, or may not, be making some serious headway.. it’s all a matter of opinion..

1.  Professional Pinterest Analyst:  I will personally go through each and every DIY&Craft categorized pins and check for reproducibility and ease of process.  I can get paid per project. 

2.  Professional Translator:  I love watching The Filipino Channel (TFC), but my hubby doesn’t always understand what’s going on.. so I usually spend most of my time translating the Tagalog for him.. It’s never a literal translation, just a summary of the action and dialogue.. I’d love for someone to pay me to watch TFC with them!

3.  Professional Blogger:   I’d love to be paid for writing this blog.. even better if they paid me per word!  Hahahaha!

I think I’m really onto something here…



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