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My daughter is shy.

I’m sure it’s a natural thing for toddlers at this age.  She is very comfortable around the people she knows.

When we are out shopping or running errands, she’s very loud and attracts the attention of a lot of strangers.  When those strangers want to come up to her and say, “hi” she totally freezes.

Sometimes I feel bad because those people come up to her probably expecting a smile or something.  But she just freezes.

I try to show her that it’s ok to talk to those people by interacting with them and being friendly, but she’s probably too young.

I hope she doesn’t end up too shy, like I was as a child.  But I like that she’s a little weary of strangers.  It helps me know that she just won’t go up to anyone.

Her shyness has actually taught me to come out my shell a little bit when in a room full of strangers.  I’ve always been really shy when put into a situation where I don’t know a single person.  I tend to keep to myself and have a hard time making a new friend or acquaintance.  Little M has helped me learn to put myself out there a little bit.  I want to help show her that it’s ok to be friendly when people are friendly back.  Showing her has taught me to be more extraverted.

It’s a learning process.. for the both of us!


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