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Posted on: September 26, 2012

Little M’s new thing is to feed herself while she’s being fed.

She started this when we were at a restaurant one night for dinner.  I was feeding her food and a little bit fell onto the table.  She quickly picked it up and put it in her mouth.  She then wanted to pick foods off of mine or Hubby’s plates.

So, I cut up a bit of the veggies, and set it on a plate for her and she proceeded to eat the veggies while I fed her food.

We tried this again the next day with a plate of rice.

She LOVES feeding herself and she stayed quiet and focused the entire time. 

What’s great is that she continued to eat what was being spoon-fed to her at the same time.

The clean up is a bit of a pain.  Hubby and I found ourselves on the floors of restaurants picking up after Little M’s little messes.  But it’s worth it to know that she’s start to show some independence.  And it’s sooo cute to watch her eat.

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