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A few weekends ago Hubby and I went on our first date night since we went out for a quick dinner on our first wedding anniversary.

Even then, that was literally a quick dinner because we had to try to schedule it between Little M’s feeding schedule at the time. 

Anyway, this last date night wasn’t really by choice.  It wasn’t like I said, “Hey hubby, lets go out!”

No, we had a wedding to attend. 

Leaving Little M was so hard.  I literally had to sneak out the door while my mom let in her the bathroom to play with the water in the sink.  She then told me that when they left the bathroom, she looked for me and cried.. so sad! 

My mom says that after awhile she got over it and was totally fine.

And from past experiences of watching other people’s babies while they went out, I know that the kid is totally fine after awhile.

But somehow, it’s different.

It’s different because it’s MY baby being watched.

The next day, Little M was so clingy!  In fact, she’s been a little bit more clingy since then.. or is it just my imagination?  She always wants to make sure I’m in the room.  She doesn’t necessarily want me to old her, or give her constant attention, she just wants to make sure I’m within eye-sight. 

Did our date night just traumatize our little girl?!

I don’t think so.. but still makes me feel bad for leaving her..

The date night did go well.. Hubby and I did have a great time together.  It was nice to be able to focus on us even though we both thought of the baby constantly. 

I think I’m ok with this “date night” thing.. I think we can do it again.. just not anytime soon.. I think..


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