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So it begins..

Posted on: September 21, 2012

Little M has learned how to talk back..


So she isn’t saying words.  It’s totally baby babble, but I can tell by the tone of her voice that she is totally talking back to me.

Lately, she’s resorted been more adamant about what she wants, where she wants to go, if she wants out of her high-chair or car seat, if she wants to sit on the couch.

She’s been really good at telling me “up” if she wants to be carried, or carried up off of things.. and even to go down from my arms.  I guess she still needs to learn the difference between “up” and “down.”

But there are times that I can’t cater to her need immediately.  Sometimes Mommy is busy doing something else and I can’t take her out of the high-chair right away.

That’s when she lets me have it.  She doesn’t cry.  She just starts to babble at me with this intense tone.. like she’s scolding me or getting mad at me.

When I try to tell her something, she babbles back with that attitude where you know she’s just talking back.

Oh man.. is it starting already?

Shouldn’t I have more time to prepare for this? 

It is really cute to hear tho..


1 Response to "So it begins.."

Hahaha, my son does this too! He sort of yells but he’s babbling. It even crescendos! Lol

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