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Ever since becoming a mommy, I’ve noticed that I see the world differently.

It started when I tested “postive” on my pregnancy test.

Suddenly, all the news stories involving babies and children seemed to take a whole new meaning.. I feel a deeper sympathy with some mothers on the news because I couldn’t imagine dealing with the certain heartache they experience when it comes to their children. 

My day-to-day outlook on life took on a whole new meaning as well.

I think about MY safety just as much as I think of Little M’s safety because I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Little M without a mother if something should happen..

Storylines on television shows make me tear up a little more when it involves family.  For instance, a child growing up and moving away from the family home.

I was crying the other night to Hubby saying, “Oh my gosh, Little M is going to grow up and do the exact same thing!”

Ok, granted, we have years and years before that happens, but I know each day that passes by is a day we get closer to her being a grown up.

So maybe I’m a bit dramatic, but I can’t help it..

How did your outlook on life change when you became a parent?

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