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Posted on: August 20, 2012

So today is the day.

Today, I’m wearing a pair of my pre-prego jeans.


They are a little snug.  And they are from when I was more curvy after graduating college.. but smaller than what I was after having little M..

But they still fit!


It only took me almost a year.. but I’m in them.

And I do have about 20ish pounds to go..

I finally broke away from the 150 pounds.  On a good day I can weigh about 148lbs.  That’s pretty much how I was when I graduated college and gained all this weight from pop tarts and giant cookies.

Mmm.. pop tarts and giant cookies..

That sounds so good right now..


3 Responses to "Pre-prego.."

Mmm I agree, poptarts and giant cookies… that sounds delish!
DON’T BE BAD! No cheating! 😉 Congratulations, you must feel so motivated and you have definetally inspired me!

The best feeling I had was when I got lower than 200lbs (-65lbs lost) and got to LESS than my highschool weight. Nothing compared to that feeling, so I know you must be just over the moon right now. Keep making good choices!

It does feel great to be in these again.

The weight gain was so quick, but the loss takes FOREVER. I’m so glad to know that I am making progress, as slow as it is.

Thanks for stopping by the blog.. and I promise no poptarts and cookies… well.. maybe a cookie.. a half a cookie?

I agree, one bad decision and you put on 2-3lbs just in a day, you resist 100 temptations during the day and you stay the same or gain anyways!

Always so frustrating.

Hey! No cookies! Not even a bite. 😉

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