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Posted on: July 11, 2012

Little M is a pointer..

She’s figured out how to tell people where to go.. and what she wants to touch.. and who she wants to go to..

Sometimes she uses her tiny little pointer finger.. but most times she just uses her whole hand.

It’s really cute, that is, until you dont take her to where she’s pointing.. then you really hear it from her.

She’s always been a really loud baby.  When she cried, her voice just booms through a room.  The nurses used to joke that they would see the windows shake when she would cry in the recovery room after she was born.

So.. when you dont go to where she points.. oh boy!  Our entire complex probably hears that scream..

Luckily, she is a good kid and is easily distracted by something else so the screams don’t last long.

This new form of communication does make things a lot easier between her and I. 

Gotta love that!

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