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Posted on: May 17, 2012

I started introducing Little M to non-baby food stuff sometime last month or so..

Now.. she’s starting to lose interest in fully pureed baby foods and desires foods with more texture and stuff she can “chew” on.

Granted, Little M has no teeth, so I can’t really give her a lot of dry and hard type foods… but she loves white bread (it just melts in her mouth) and those little Gerber puff snacks..

She chews like an old man.. hahahahah!

I also have been cooking food for her.. it’s mainly been soupy foods.. but she seems to just LOVE them..

I just refrain from using fish sauce (patis) when making my dishes for her.. and being Filipino, I love my patis.. but I don’t think she’s ready for that quite yet..

Most of these foods start with chopped onion, garlic, and a good amount of water. 

Then I add a chicken thigh, or a few pieces of stewing beef. 

I also add a pinch of salt to taste.  The salt is totally optional as I know lots of parents don’t really like adding salt of a baby’s food.  But I think salt is ok.. it’s just a pinch to taste anyway.. and our bodies need a little Na+ and Cl-.. in moderation.

After those main ingredients, you can pretty much put whatever you can boil into it..

The other day, I did chicken, chayote squash and miswua noodles..  you can find chayote squash at any grocery store, and I usually find miswua noodles at asian stores.

I pretty much boil chicken until the chicken flavor infuses itself into the broth, then I add the squash and noodles and boil it til the squash is totally mashable..

I’m not one for measurements.. I’m a terrible recipe giver.. I just go with what looks right.. maybe I’ll take a picture next time..

When serving it to Little M, I cut the chicken into superfine pieces.. it’s almost like mashing it with a knife or fork.. it’s small enough for her toothless mouth, but not totally pureed.. I also mash the chayote.  The miswua noodles become soft enough that mashing isn’t required, but if i do make sure that they are in short pieces instead of long noodles..

She LOVES it. 

I’ll try to write more postings about some of the foods I make for Little M.. and if anyone has any recipes for me, please feel free to share!


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