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My first Mommy’s Day.. and wet baby kisses!

Posted on: May 14, 2012

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, my first Mother’s Day.

We didnt’ do anything super special.  We went out to lunch with my mother, and then we all had dinner with Hubby’s mother. 

On Saturday, my mom took me out for pedicures and shopping. 

Little M is too little to really do anything special for me, but she did shower me with her sloppy little kisses all day.  I didn’t even need to ask for them most of the time.. it’s like she knew it was my day and that was her little way to show me how much she loves me. 

She’s got those little kisses down to an art.. she opens her mouth wide.. puts it on my cheek.. sucks in a little and pulls her face back.. pop!  She looks at me with her gummy grin and goes in for the cheek again.

By the time she’s done, my cheek is soaked with baby love in the form of saliva.. its the cutest (yet kinda gross) thing in the world.. I couldn’t ask for anything more!

I really think that’s part of what being a mother is all about.. those things that you used to find gross become the things you seem to cherish the most..

I can’t believe how different my outlook on life and bodily functions has changed since I became a mother.  I’ve touched poo, been pee’d on, dug for boogers, caught spit up, been a thrown up on.. etc.. etc.. etc..

But I’ve also been kissed, hugged, hugged with a little pat on my back with her tiny little hands, smiled at, coo’d at, called “mama”, been crawled to, sought comfort from, laughed with, smiled at, slept on, cuddled on, snuggled on, depended on, and looked at with eyes of unconditional love and adoration..

You can’t ask for anything better than that.

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