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I waaaaaant Mommy!!!

Posted on: May 4, 2012

Little M is officially 8 months old as of yesterday.  Oh my.  Where has the time gone?  Didn’t I just have her?

She’s going through a “mommy” phase.  Once we all get home from a long day of work and being babysat, all she wants is to be with mommy.  The feeling is mutual.  All I want is to be with Little M.. so no harm, no foul.

She’s going through the phase where I can’t leave her sight.  The minute she realizes that I’m not in the room, or if she sees me walk away from her sight, she’s in tears. 

If I hand her off to Hubby, whines and she reaches out for me.  And once she’s in my arms she gives looks at her daddy with a big smile.  It’s almost like she’s mocking her daddy.. it makes me laugh.

Poor hubby.  I swear it’s just a phase.

She’s also getting the whole “stranger anxiety” issue.  I know it’s totally normal and it’s just a phase, but it’s so sad to see her go through it when she used to be super friendly with everyone.

It’s really hit or miss with her.  Sometimes she’s all smiles when someone acknowleges her and sometimes she’s on the verge of tears..

How did you mommies (and daddies) deal with your child’s stranger anxiety?


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