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Posted on: March 29, 2012

As Little M gets older, I start thinking more and more about her first birthday party..

Now I know it’s still too soon to start planning all the details.. but I like to be a little ahead of the game.. especially since I usually DIY all the invitations and decorations and everything in between..

Should I do a specific theme?  Like.. Minnie Mouse, or the Bubble Guppies, or some other specific characters that she seems to be really into..

Or should I stick to something a little more broad and general.. like a color scheme.. or ladybugs.. or butterflies..

As she gets older, I notice that she has specific likes when it comes to characters she watches on TV, or toys that she seems to favor.  Her current likes are the Bubble Guppies, Minnie Mouse, the Backyardigans, SuperWhy.. and the theme song to Lumayo Ka Sa Akin on TFC (The Filipino Channel).

But I know she’s only going to be a year old.. and she’s not going to remember this birthday party at all… she’ll only see the pictures when she’s older.. and even then.. it’s not really going to impact her that much.. I’ve always figured that first birthday parties are more for the parents than they are for the child..

Should I spend the energy creating this elaborate birthday party theme for a one-year old that really won’t know the difference anyway?  Or should I save the special themes for when she’s a little older and can actually appreciate it more?

Parents, what did you do?

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