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Vegas.. as a new mommy..

Posted on: March 28, 2012

The family and I spent the past weekend in Vegas for Hubby’s birthday.. we took Little M with us and I have to tell you that it was definitely a different experience than I’ve ever had before..

I thought being prego in Vegas was challenging.. this was totally an interesting experience..

I’m not saying it’s bad.. in fact, I enjoyed myself, and I’m sure Little M enjoyed herself too.. she got to eat foods outside of her normal “baby food” lineup.. she got to play in the pool area AND at the little outdoor mall..

Here’s a little list of befores and afters based on this past Vegas trip..

VEGAS BEFORE: Casino hopping all day.. casino hopping all night
VEGAS AFTER: Finding non-casino places to go during the day.. staying at the “home” casino all night

VEGAS BEFORE:  Gambling all day.. gambling all night
VEGAS AFTER:  Waiting for Little M to nap before spending an hour or two at the casino hoping she won’t wake up and cry before I get back.

VEGAS BEFORE:  Going to a show with the hubs at night if we found one we wanted
VEGAS AFTER:  Being in bed by 10pm with baby while everyone else was down at the casino gambling

VEGAS BEFORE:  Getting all dressed up and accessorizing with the cutest purses and shoes
VEGAS AFTER:  Wearing flip-flops and jeans, accessorizing with a diaper bag..

VEGAS BEFORE:  Ordering my own alcoholic drinks..
VEGAS AFTER:  Taking one sip of whatever the hubs got because I didn’t want to get too tipsy while taking care of the baby..

VEGAS BEFORE:  Uninterupted eating sessions in all the great buffets on the strip..
VEGAS AFTER:  Having to run up to the hotel room with a poopy baby while eating at the buffet in the “home” casino..

VEGAS BEFORE:   Annoyed at the smoker that decided to sit at the slot machine next to you..
VEGAS AFTER:  Having to get up and move slot machines (even if I was winning) because you don’t want to come back too smokey when you hold the baby..

There are so many other things.. like worrying about a stroller.. making sure to get a high chair.. and other baby-related things that really made this trip different..

It solidified the fact that I truly am… a mother.



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