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Where’s the time gone?!

Posted on: March 13, 2012

I’ve been busy.

After Little M got over her cold, she’s been a non-stop fireball.. bouncing around EVERYWHERE.

She’s definitely keeping Hubby and I are on our toes.. it’s entertaining.  I love every moment of it.. but I’m tired!

Daylight savings has totally messed me up.

For some reason, I had it backwards.  I wasn’t looking forward to waking up “an hour early” but for some reason, I totally thought that meant that Little M was going to go to bed “an hour early.”


This time changes means she’s going to get tired “an hour later..”

I can’t wait til she gets used to the time change and starts getting tired at her usual time.. I’ve noticed that Hubby and I let her play on the floor a lot at night on her mats so she can tire herself out.. but it doesn’t seem to really work.. she just goes and goes and goes and goes.. like the Energizer bunny..

This year, like every year before it, seems to be flying by at lightning speed.. we’re almost halfway through March and I feel like we JUST rang in the new year.. seriously!

Every year gets faster and faster.. you think I’d be used to it by now..


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