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So Little M is teething..

The poor little girl, she’s so uncomfortable.  She’s drooling like crazy.. she’s got her fingers and thumbs in her mouth all the time.. she gets soo frustrated and annoyed that she gets whiny.. I feel so bad.

Yesterday, I thought her teeth finally cut through.. Her bottom gums are pretty much so transparent that you can see the two bottom front teeth.. and the little itty bitty ridges of those two tiny teeth.  I thought her teeth came in because you can see them so clearly.  But when I ran my finger onto her bottom gums, I didn’t feel them.. but they are sooo close!

She’s rubbing her gums with her hands and she’s biting everything she can get her hands on.. including my shoulder..

The pediatrician said that I should freeze a wash cloth and have her chew on it.. or wrap an ice cube in a wash cloth and rub it on her gums.  She said to try various teething rings and toys to she what she prefers too.. and if she’s really uncomfortable to give her tylenol or advil…

Her pediatrician also says absolutely no oragel because of the risk of overdosing on lidocane (sp?).   She says that lidocane slows down heartbeats and that there is a tendency to overdose because you just slather it onto babies gums and reapply when the discomfort starts again.  I’m sure the directions specified how to properly use oragel, but I don’t want to risk anything.  I’m going to try some of these safer, no medication remedies to see if she can find some relief…

What kind of things did you other mommies (and daddies) do to help relieve your little one during their teething time?

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