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Posted on: February 23, 2012

Ok.. so I had started this whole “weight loss accountability” stuff after I had Little M and then never returned to it.. so much for “accountability.”

I had wanted to be able to wear my pre-prego jeans before I returned to work.. that didn’t happen..

I wanted my weight to be below 130 lbs before I returned to work.. that didn’t happen..

But it’s happening now. 

Ok.. so I had to buy a couple pairs of jeans before I went to work.  I thought I’d be a ridiculously insane size.. but I was really only a 12 at American Eagle.. and a 10 at Target.. not my best sizes.. but I DID just have a baby, right?

The great thing is.. I already am too small for my size 12 American Eagle jeans.. go me!

My weight has been toggling between 156-159.. depending on the day and how much I ate the night before.. that’s better than being stuck at 160.. but I’d still like to see it go down and STAY down..

I wanted to join the local Bar Method where I live.. but.. I’d rather NOT spend money.. AND we have a little gym in our apartment complex.. I should just make full use of that!

So… I started running again.  I started last weekend.. and ran once this week.  I plan on running again today..

I figure I’ll start slow.  I takes me about 20 minutes to jog/walk a mile.. so lets just do a small 20 minute run.. my goal is to see how far I go in 20 minutes.. then when I can do about two miles (maybe) in 20 minutes.. I’ll start working on lengthening the times of my run..

After the run, I play around on some of the exercise equiptment to work on my arms and tummy..

There’s no actual logic to my system.. but it just works for me to stay motiviated..

The hardest part is really getting started.. right?

So.. I weighed in today at 157.4.. ugh. 

My goal is to look decent before the big family trip in June…

Remind me to keep you all posted.

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