Living life in the carpool lane..

Little M loves to stick out her tongue and go “pffffft!”

She’s like my little Tazmanian Devil… she’ll babble and end in “pffft!”

If she’s really excited about something, or she likes what she sees.. she’ll stick her tongue at it and go “pffft!” 

It’s her go-to sound for anything fun and cool.  Pfffft!

Sometimes she says the “ahh” sound before it.. so it sounds like “ahhh pfffft!”  And whenever Hubby or I imitate her, she laughs.. apparently it’s funny to hear to her too!

There are times she wants to get Hubby or my attention.. she’ll do that with a little “pffft!” too.. it’s a multi-purpose sound.

It’s her new thing.. well.. that and putting her hands and arms over her head while she’s bottle feeding.. apparently, she has no intention of holding her own bottle.. silly girl!

She never ceases to amaze me.. all the little things she learns on a daily basis make us really appreciate the whole “miracle of life” thing..


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