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My last week..

Posted on: January 23, 2012

This week is my last week of maternity leave.

I took the maximum amount of leave possible, even if that meant that I wasn’t going to be paid for the last month or so.. I wanted to make sure that I spent as much time with my Little M as possible before going to work..

There are some good and some bad aspects of doing that..

The good things are that I have been able to spend so much time with her.  I’ve seen her go through so much growth and development these past 5 months.  We’ve developed such a great mother-daughter bond and I cherish that very much.

The bad thing is that she’s getting older and she’s starting to recognize me more.  She’s starting to need me and looking for ME to make things better for her.  And I’m going to feel bad that she won’t see me for a good part of the day while I’m at work..

Sometimes I feel like I should have just taken the three months.. she would have been too young to realize what was really going on and would probably transition better.. At the same time, I’m sooo glad that I was able to take these five months and witness so many of her “firsts” so far..

But I can’t dwell on what I should or should not have done.  Overall, I’m glad I took the five months, and when we are pregnant with our next child, I plan on doing the same thing.

Now, with my days on maternity leave dwindling down, I’m really sad that I don’t get to have 24/7 with her.

I’m cherishing every moment with her and I hope that we both transition well into this new part of our lives..

She just woke up.. so I better go get her now.. I love being a mother!

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