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I got Little M’s ears pierced this week.

It was the most nerve-wrecking thing I’ve done in the longest time.  I was so nervous for her.

I knew getting her ears pierced was going to be a quick procedure and that she would only cry for a little bit, but the thought of her getting holes in her little ears made me nervous.

She actually did great.  She cried, but the lady was so quick that Little M only cried a little bit and once I held her comfortingly (is that a word?) she stopped crying pretty instantly.  Now she looks like a little lady and I think she is absolutely adorable with little earrings.

I decided to do her ears early so that she didn’t have to make that conscious decision to do it and she didn’t have to feel the anxiety of knowing what piercing is. If I get it done now, she won’t remember, but she will at least have the piercings so she can wear cute earrings when she’s older.

Now I have a 12 week routine of cleaning her piercing 3 times a day.  She’s pretty good about letting me clean it for her.  She doesn’t squirm and she sits pretty still.

So much as changed in this 4th month of her life.   She started rice cereal AND she got her ears pierced.  She’s such a little lady now!



2 Responses to "Pierced!"

I think you’re a smart and thoughtful mommy for getting your dd’s her ears pierced as an infant. She will thank you later for the “gift of pierced ears.”

Our Ped gave me some ” Tips for moms having their dd’s ears pierced and ” Care for Newly Pierced Ears” since she had so many moms ask about having their infants and little girls ears pierced.

I know cerebrally, as mothers of girls of all ages, we know it celebrates their femaleness and femininity. After all, they are little girls,right?

If any other moms would like any of our ped’s tips for piercing, then don’t hesitate to write me an e-mail. They include OTC meds to minimize any discomfort as well as how to find the most experienced person to pierce her ears.


[…] I did M’s ears when she was four months old.  You can read about that experience here. […]

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