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Posted on: January 5, 2012

First post of the new year.. whoopee!

Little M turned 4 months old on January 3rd.  She had her well-baby check up yesterday and her peditrician told me that she is no longer to be considered a “premie.”  She’s in the 75th percentile in size and weight, and if they were to make adjustments for her early birth, then she would be off the charts.

It’s always good to hear that your child is thriving and healthy.  I love knowing that she isn’t a premie.. her pediatrician never really considered her a premie in size and weight since she was born, so that’s good.

Little M’s has grown in so many ways, she is a completely different baby from the one I gave birth to in September.

Right before the year ended, she mastered the art of rolling over (back to tummy).  She had done it a few times when she was 2 months old on my parents couch, but that was because the couch really helped with the momentum of her turn.  Now, she’s able to flip back to tummy with ease going towards her left side.  She’s constantly working on turning on her right side now, and I think she’ll master that in no time.  She’s also gone from tummy to back a few times.  It’s not perfected, but I know it will be soon enough.

I literally can’t leave her anywhere except the playpen now.

She’s also learned how to change the tone of her voice from high to low and everything in between.  She loves to make her voice go high and will do it all the time, especially to show frustration.  It’s funny how I see myself a lot in that aspect.  She’s also developing her little language and has started saying “wa wa wa” and slowly we can here those “wa” sounds turn into slightly softer “da” sounds.. Hubby likes hearing those a lot!

She’s finally learned how to laugh now too!  My brother had started it when we were all at my parents house for Christmas.  Now she chuckles with the cutest little laugh.  The only thing is that she gets the hiccups every time she laughs.  It’s pretty funny.

Today, she started rice cereal.  Yes.  She’s on her first steps toward solid foods.  My little baby is growing up!

She took it well.  She had a few bites of really runny rice cereal.  She knew to open her mouth, but she didn’t quite know what to do with what I put in there.  Some of it she spit out while making raspberry sounds, but most of it she ate.  She would even grab the spoon from me.

It’s been a fast four months and it is unbelievable how much babies can grow and develop in such a short amount of time.  Every week, it’s always something new and if you blink you’ll miss it.



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