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Little M’s First Christmas

Posted on: December 26, 2011

It’s been a few busy days for our little family.  It’s been our little family’s first Christmas.  Most importantly, Little M’s first Christmas.  We dressed her up in her little Christmas outfit.  She looked like a little candy cane.

We spent Christmas Eve with my inlaws, drove right up and spent Christmas Day with my family.

Little M had the best of both sets of Grandparents and opened a lot of presents.  It was cute watching her touch all the wrapping paper of each gift and her “opening” her own presents.  She seemed into the whole process of it all.  We’d put her hands together to get a grip on the wrapping paper and I’d pull the gift away.  It made it seem like she was tearing those presents open and she enjoyed the sound of the paper tearing.

She’s enjoying some of her presents now and playing with some of the toys she received.  She also received a lot of clothes which is great because that’s less that I have to buy.

Hubby and I didn’t exchange gifts.  We didn’t last year either.  I don’t think it’s weird.  I just don’t know what to ask for from him because if I usually want something, I just buy it myself.  And with him, he’s just not the “gift-asking” type.  So we didnt’ get each other anything.

I just put a ribbon on Little M and handed it to him.. that will be his gift for every occasion for the past 18 years.


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