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It’s all just too fast..

Posted on: December 12, 2011

I’m sitting here on the floor while Little M is playing on her play-mat kicker thing.. and gosh.. where has all the time gone?

She’s three months old.  She’s currently on her side playing with one of the hanging animals and constantly trying to roll onto her tummy.. if only she could just get over her arm.. She’s also cooing and smiling at herself at the mirror hanging from above her.. She’s finally starting to open up her fists when she reaches stuff and successfully grabbing onto things as a result.

I can’t believe how much babies grow in the span of three months.. not just my baby.. but babies, in general.  They start off so small and fragile-like.  They can’t support their own heads, and all they seem to do is sleep, sleep, sleep.

In three months.. they are a completely different creature.

Everyone says that you have to enjoy your little one while they are small because they will never be this small again.  I try to enjoy her so young, but it’s hard when she just grows and learns in leaps and bounds.

Sometimes Hubby says that he can’t wait for her to talk, crawl, walk, etc.. but I keep saying no.  I want to enjoy her like this for as long as possible.  I just want to enjoy every stage, phase, milestone as long as humanly possible because they do pass by in the blink of an eye.

Ok, so my freetime is up.  Little M is tired of playing and is “telling” me to do something about it.. at least she gave me this time to set up a blog entry.. back to being mommy!


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