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Welcome, little M!

Posted on: September 9, 2011

We gave birth to our little daughter on Sept 3, 2011.

Little M came out at 36 weeks of my pregnancy measuring 5lbs 3.4oz and 18.5 inches long..

The birth story probably began that Wednesday.  If you read the last entry, you would know that I was already 2cm open when I had my last OB appointment.  I ended up going to L&D for the bleeding that resulted in that doctors appointment.  We went home that same day because the bleeding ended up not being anything that would cause any alarm to the nurses and doctors.

I ended up going to work that Thursday and Friday.

When I got home on Friday, I went to the bathroom and noticed that something just wasn’t right.

It just so happened that my water broke.  My water broke within 30 minutes of coming home from work.  Can you believe my luck?!

Luckily, it wasn’t a big gush of water, but more of a trickle.  I found out from the OB that I had a high tear to my bag of water and that’s why it didn’t flow out like I would have imagined from seeing it or hearing about it on TV and other birth stories.

Hubby and I ended up going back to L&D and getting admitted by about 7pm..

Labor was beginning to progress until about midnight or so when the contractions started to slow down and decrease in intensity again.  If it wasn’t for the rupture of my bag of water, I’m sure the doctors would have been able to let it go and allow it to progress on its own, but since I had a rupture, they had to induce my pregnancy with pitocin..

They pretty much kept bumping up the pitocin every hour and it took quite a bit to finally start kicking in.. but once that pitocin kicked in… that was a pain I never imagined!

So yes.. I EPI-DID!!!

I asked for my epidural around 9:00am and received it at 9:30am.  After that, everything kind of flew by really fast.

We started pushing at around 12:30 and by 1:28pm, we had our little bundle of joy!

Hubby was more than supportive throughout the whole procedure.  He was the greatest coach during those times that I didn’t have my epidural and I was feeling all those contractions.  He really kept me focused and I couldn’t ask for a better hubby.

Little M is the newest love of our lives.  She’s got a firecracker personality so far and I love it!

I can’t wait to see all the mommy blogging I’ll be doing in the future..

More than ever, I’m “living life in the carpool lane!”

















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