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Snap back to reality!

Posted on: September 1, 2011

Yesterday was the start of my weekly doctors appointments..

We found out yesterday that I’ve already begun dialating and that I’m about 2 cm open already.  The cervical exam caused some bleeding yesterday and I sent myself into Labor & Delivery just to make sure that everything was ok.  Thankfully, everything is fine.. she’s still cooking in my tummy.. and the bleeding is under control..

Now I’ve contemplated all day whether or not I would share this news on my blog.. all my family and friends know.. but was it necessary to post it for the whole blogosphere to see?

I figured it was since I have shared so much about my pregnancy that it was only fair that this get shared too..

Honestly, knowing that I’ve begun dialating at a few days short of 36 weeks freaked me out a little bit.  It literally means we are playing the “waiting game” and she really could come at any moment.

Like I said in yesterday’s blog post.. I’m not scared of the childbirth anymore.  So that’s not why I’m freaked out.

There are several reasons why I’m nervous.. the main one being that I still have one week of work left before I go on maternity leave.  When planning on my leave, I never anticipated having her earlier.  I didn’t want to be bored at home waiting for her arrival, so I wanted to work as far as I could. 

Another reason was that Hubby and I weren’t really ready.. I mean.. mentally we were.. but we have been procrastinating on so many things because I thought it would really wait until I got on my leave for those things to get done..

We didn’t even have our “labor bag” set yet.  When I called Hubby to tell him he needed to come home so we could go to the hospital, I literally just threw stuff into a duffle bag.. later that night we actually were able to sort some things out and get the bag set.. which is a breath of relief for us now..

Her clothes weren’t even washed.. I had started on Tuesday washing some stuff.. I mainly washed some burp clothes and white onsies.. but that was it.. so if she were to have arrived yesterday.. we really didn’t have any good clean clothes for her..

Her car seat isn’t installed in the car yet.. and since that’s not installed, we haven’t had a chance to get it inspected by the local police station..

We didn’t have her bassinet set up yet either.. it was still in the box!

I guess Hubby and I thought we had a lot of time before she came.. maybe we were a little bit in denial about her arrival.. or maybe we were just too darn lazy to get stuff set up..

Either way.. I think this was another little wake up call from our little princess.. she’s coming.. and she’s coming sooner than we anticipated.. she just wanted to make sure we were nice and ready for her..

I pray that she stay in for another week.. just let me get through this next week of work.. that’s all I ask..

And for future children.. we definitely learned our lesson about getting ready for baby.. no more procrastinating for us!

2 Responses to "Snap back to reality!"

Hey there. I stumbled across your blog on the “pregnancy” category. I see you’re almost ready to meet your little bundle of joy. I just had a baby 10-weeks ago so I can completely relate to you and feeling “not ready” physically, but mentally being ready. Believe me, I was NOT ready at even 40 weeks. HA. First of all, I hadn’t had my bags packed until 38 weeks. Meanwhile I ran a race both at 39 weeks and 40 weeks and I seriously thought I was going to deliver that night. When we got home, I turned to my husband and said, “Uh, maybe we should pack the bags”. I also didn’t have the car seat put in until 38-weeks…

On my 40-week appointment, my OB wanted to induce me (nothing wrong though — just thought it would be best) and boy, we were hustling. So, I understand where you’re coming friend. Things will get done!

Wishing you the best of luck!!


I am glad she was delivered safely.

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