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Coupon clipping craze!!!

Posted on: August 6, 2011

I’ve learned to like coupons..

I have to admit, coupons have never really been  my thing.  Growing up, my mom would use them, but it wasn’t something that she would actively hunt for or consistently use.  If she found a coupon, then she’d use it, but she never let it really stop her from buying what she needed to buy.

In most ways, that’s my outlook on the whole “coupon phenomenon.”  I don’t think I will ever be an “extreme coupon” person.  I just don’t have that time or patience to really sit and search and calculate and do all that work.

But, I am finding that the internet and various stores are great sources of printable and loadable coupons. 

Target and Ralphs are my go-to places to find some great coupons.  The thing is, 90% of the things they have coupons for are really things that we don’t use in our little household.  So it’s really hard for me to find coupons that would benefit our needs at the moment.

Babies R Us has some good coupons when they have their mailers out.  I just find them on the website and once the baby is born I know we will be using those.

I just like finding the coupons.  I think it’s fun.. yes.. I said FUN.

Now actually USING them?!  That’s a whole different story.. hahaha.. lets just hope I remember that I have them and make some great use out of them..

Some great organization method would probably be best.. hmmm..


3 Responses to "Coupon clipping craze!!!"

[…] Coupon clipping craze!!! ( […]

I am going through a coupon clipping phase as well

It’s addicting.. looking through the websites and getting all excited when you find a coupon for what you want!

Yesterday I found a coupon on for the scrubbing bubbles toilet gel thing.. and I was so excited to go to the store and get it..

My husband is so proud of me! hahaha

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