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Only the best.. and most cost effective..

Posted on: August 4, 2011

Ok.. I have a confession to make.. I was going to be a cheap mom..

The thing is, since hubby and I aren’t going to do the whole “nursery” thing, we didnt’ feel the need to really buy some durable clothing storage for the baby.. we figured we’d go to Target and buy those plastic drawer systems..

As it turns out, those things can get pretty pricey..

Think about it. 

Those plastic drawers come in small components.  To get a “full-sized” drawer system that is most effective for what we are trying to accomplish, we’d have to buy several of those components.  If you total the whole amount, it may or may not be cheaper than buying a durable drawer set, BUT with a much lesser quality..

And I only want the best for my princess!

So now, we’re at a loss.  We totally had it in our heads for the longest time that the plastic drawers were the route we were going to take.. now.. I feel rushed and overwhelmed at the task of having to find a decent set of drawers to store my childs ever-growing stash of clothes and goodies!!!

I went to the IKEA site last night and saw some cute things in the children’s furniture section.. but I also saw some great things in the regular furniture section.. so after Lamaze this weekend, we’ll be in IKEA..

That also means that hubby and I really need to re-think the set up of our second bedroom.  Even though we won’t be using that as her “nursery,” we need to make room for all her furniture in that room.  That also means that I really need to define the spaces in that room between “crafting stuff” and “baby stuff.”

So much more to think about than we thought.. this baby is getting expensive! 

Hee hee.. but only the best for her!


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