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Baby Care Basics Class..

Posted on: July 19, 2011

So hubby and I took the baby care basics class today. 

Honestly, I think I’m very blessed that my cousins started popping out babies in 2000 and I was able to experience the whole “newborn/infant” care thing. 

I know that when it’s my own child, the feelings might be a little different.. I may or may not be more scared to handle my own child.. but knowing that I have that previous experience gives me a sense of confidence I may not have had if I just suddenly took care of my own child.

That being said.. I made sure that hubby did most of the hands-on training with the baby doll we were give to practice on. 

The class was pretty informative.  We learned a lot of safety tips and small details that I wouldn’t have known by just taking care of my cousin’s babies. 

It made me also remember that we have to do a lot of shopping for this baby.. not only for her clothes and stuff.. but all the essentials.. like ointments, q-tips, alcohol..

Those things totally slipped my mind during this whole baby planning process.  I’m sure I would have had lots of reminders from moms, friends, and other relatives.. but it’s good to know now so we can start making a list of baby things.

Baby Care Basics is a great class.  I’m so glad that hospitals are offering these types of classes now.. especially for first time parents.  It really gives us a sense of comfort knowing that we won’t be thrown into the fire the day we take our little one home. 

Our next set of classes is the Lamaze classes.. or what our hospital calls “Baby Prep” classes.. those are gonna be interesting.. time is flying by!  Baby will be here sooner than we realize!


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