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Posted on: July 15, 2011

Yesterday, the hubs and I took the first of the many preparation classes we have for parenthood.

Yesterday was Infant CPR.  Infant CPR teaches rescue techniques for children under the age of one year.  We went over CPR and how to rescue a choking baby.  Two things I hope I never deal with.. ever!

I’ve taken a CPR class before.. I was working at those Curves workout places and CPR was required for us.  Taking that class felt like taking any other class.  I was learning, but I was detached.  It was something I had to do.. and was glad for the opportunity to learn.. but couldn’t really relate to using it.  I didn’t think it would ever be something I would use.

But infant CPR hit me differently.  I knew I was taking it for a true purpose.. and there were several times that I actually stared at the practice doll and somehow pictured my own child.  It was a very scary thought and my eyes sorta teared up for a second and I had to snap out of it. 

I can’t think of the worse, but I just have to be prepared for it.

I don’t know if I was the only one in the room that felt that way.  It scared me to think that there might be a time that I might use this.. especially when the instructor was talking about how we’d probably encounter a choking baby more often than a baby that stops breathing..

The class was very informative.. the video was cheesy.. but I learned a lot of techniques.. anyone that finds themselves with infants should really take this class.. they should really make it mandatory for all parents.. it’s a skill that I think everyone should have..

Next week is Baby Care Basics for the hubs and I.  That should be interesting.  We’re getting closer and closer to this little one getting here.. I hope we’re prepared for whatever she’s gonna throw at us.. literally and figuratively!


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