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Weird dreams…

Posted on: June 29, 2011

My dreams are wierd.. before the pregnancy my dreams were already wierd.. but now that I’m pregnant.. these dreams are insane..

I think some of it has to do with the slight nervousness I have about upcoming parenthood.. I’m sure this following dream screams “ANXIETY ISSUES..”

 I had a dream last night that I had given birth to our daughter.. she looked nothing like the hubby or I.. she had lighter skin tone AND she had blue eyes..

Stretch marks hadn’t formed at all during the pregnancy, but now that I had given birth.. my stretch marks were EVERYWHERE.. it looked pretty gross from what I remember in my dream..

Throughout the dream, I kept forgetting to take care of the baby.. every time I would remember the baby, I’d run into the room and find that my mom had already taken care of what the baby needed.. I don’t think I even fed her once in my dream. 

I couldn’t incorporate the baby into my everyday life.. I would constantly forget she was born and when I did remember.. my mom had it all taken care of..

I have a lot of other wierd dreams.. like one where I was on the show Criminal Minds while pregnant solving cases with the rest of the cast.. that was interesting because there was a lot of gun fire involved in that one..

I always try to remember my dreams during the first five minutes of waking up.. I try to think really hard to remember them because some of them seem so vivid that it would be a shame to forget it all..

These pregnancy dreams are no exception!

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