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I love this stage of pregnancy.. if I had a choice.. I’d stay at this point forever..

I LOVE feeling my little ballerina kicks, twirls, and tumbles.. I LOVE seeing my belly bounce up and down as my princess explores her ever shrinking world in my uterus.. I LOVE that I can interact with her through touching my belly and that she responds.. when she wants to.. I LOVE that I can pretend she has the beginnings of some sort of personality while in my womb..

She’s big enough to feel.. and not big enough to jab me in the ribs.. I think it’s perfect..

But I know that time keeps moving.. and whether I like it or not.. she’s going to get bigger.. and she will eventually start jabbing me in the ribs..

She’s growing.. and our time as one entity will soon come to an end.. and every time I feel her kicking and rolling.. the more I really, really want to meet the little person Hubby and I have created..

Keep on dancing, my little ballerina.  It makes mommy and daddy secure knowing your thriving in there.. and makes us feel more in tune with you.. we love you soooo much!

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