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Yesterday was Father’s Day..

It was hubby’s first.. his “father-to-be” day..

We went out to lunch.. I watched him as he practiced his golf swing at the driving range.. we ran some errands.. and just spent the day together.. he and I. 

We were winding down from our little vacation with the fam.. so it was nice to just relax at home for a bit.. while doing laundry and unpacking..

Next year is going to be so different for the both of us.. we’ll have our little one around to greet us and knowing that make it so much more exciting..

Hubby enjoyed the day.. but I know that it probably hasn’t hit him until our princess is out in the world.. in some ways.. it hasn’t hit me much too.. except when she does hit me… then the reality sets in.. hee hee..

Websites were saying that if he were to put his ear up against my belly.. and we were really still and quiet.. he’d be able to start hearing her heartbeat.. well.. we tried that.. and all he got were a couple kicks to the head..

I told him that she was just giving her daddy “father’s day kisses”.  It makes it much sweeter..

I can’t wait to make Hubby an official daddy.. I know he will be a great provider and will love his family unconditionally.  We couldn’t be more blessed to have him in our lives..

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