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Who knew?!!

Posted on: June 17, 2011

Las Vegas when pregnant was so much more different than I anticipated..

Before pregnancy.. I could walk up and down the strip like nobody’s business.. casino hopping was a cake walk.. and I never went back to the hotel room until it was time to sleep or change into my evening wear.. and the only time I rested during the day was when I was laying out by the pool..

This week.. I have never felt more pregnant in my life..

A lot of it is because I feel like I have literally grown in belly practically overnight.. I thought I was big before.. but I feel like I’m getting bigger and bigger and bigger..

Walking is fine.. but not for long periods of time.. not only do I get tired.. but my calves and ankles swell by the end of the night..

It also tires me out to be out and about all day.. we had to take a mid-day break into the hotel and take a rest..

The heat also got to me a bit.. I was sweaty and icky walking in the shade..

I also used to be out til the late evening hours before I was prego.. now.. I would tire out and want to go to bed..

I guess this was just a huge wake-up call for me and the whole pregnancy.. I knew that my life and my body was changing.. but this sort of sealed the deal for me.. not that it’s a bad thing.. it’s just that it totally made me realize how different my life truly is and is going to be..

I still had lots of fun with the hubby and the family.. if God allows.. on the next vacation.. we’ll be tagging a long a little princess.. can’t wait!

1 Response to "Who knew?!!"

I wish you well with your pregnancy. I know you always had it in you and hopefully it will come out of you in due time. Hoping its a healthy girl or healthy boy. Bottom line hope your baby is healthy. Warmest congrats.

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