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So.. funny story while on the first half of our vacation this week.

We found ourselves in Solvang… Yes.. I’ve finally gone.. after two years.. click here to understand.

Anyway.. we came on a great day because as we were going to Mass at the local mission there.. we found out that the Prince of Denmark was coming..

Now… when we all think of “princes,” what comes to mind?

We think of that image that Disney has printed in our heads of young, strapping men.. wearing uniforms adorned in all sorts of official “prince-like” stuff.. or we think of Prince William.. wearing his military garb on his wedding day…

So.. with that said.. we got out of Mass just in time as the Prince was making his rounds around the little city..

We sat ourselves on a bench right in the path he was taking down one of the streets..

Anticipation was building up as we saw the crowd of photographers and officials come towards us.. my cousin’s little daughter and I were probably most excited to see a “real life prince.”

As the crowd goes through.. we see the security men.. dressed in their dark suits and glasses.. and several men wearing simple suits.. one in particular was wearing a lighter grey suite than the rest of them and was in awe of all that he was seeing and being shown.. apparently.. that was the prince..

But in the silence of the whole event.. while all the cameras were rolling by us.. and photographers were taking many pictures.. one voice seemed to resonate through the crowd..

That voice was my cousin’s seven year old daughter..

“Where’s the prince?”

Yes.. our dreams of Prince Charming and that magic touch of royalty were shattered by this older, sharply (but simply) dressed man that is the Prince of Denmark..

Thank you, Prince of Denmark, for bringing our Disney dreams of princes and royalty to a crash on the floor..

I do hope the Prince had a great time though.. he really seemed to enjoy what he was seeing.. but for the my sake.. and for the sake of a seven year old girl.. maybe you should have “Prince’d” it up a bit.. humor us.

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