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My back…

Posted on: June 2, 2011

My aching back..

My back has been bothering me since day one of this pregnancy.. I had backaches during the first trimester.. when this kiddo wasn’t even big enough to make a mark on me.. she made my back ache..

I guess it’s normal to have back ache in the first trimester.. but it was uncomfortable..

And there’s no sign of relief just yet.. as this baby is getting bigger.. my back is straining more and more..

I feel that as this belly goes out ward.. so does the arch of my back.. and when I try to stretch it the opposite way.. I feel like I’m squishing the baby.. there are even times that when I’m trying to stretch my back the opposite way.. she kicks me.. haha.

I tried those belly support things to help with my back.. but they seem really bulky and would get in the way of my clothes.. but I really think that I will need to use one when I’m deep into my third trimester..

I guess I have to resign to the fact that I’m now living with the new motto of “comfort before beauty..”



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