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My last crafting hurrah..

Posted on: June 1, 2011

I love my card making and all my little crafty endeavors.. but with the baby coming in less that four months.. I have to be realistic..

I have no clue what my life is going to be life when the princess gets here.. and I can’t set expectations for myself based on what I see from other people because everyone and every baby is different.. I only know that I will take things one day at a time.. and I know that once this kiddo comes.. there will be a huge lifestyle adjustment..

With that said.. the baby shower is coming.. and I plan on making that shower my last big crafting endeavor.. at least for now..

I want to go all out.. invitations.. decorations.. possibly party favors.. if I’m brave enough to tackle that..

So.. I’m going to Joann’s and this awesome scrapbook store in the same shopping center to start getting supplies for the invitations.. the actual contents of the invitation has been typed up.. and formatted.. I just need to know what my color palette is before I print it out.. so I know what color ink to print them out with..

The invitations are the easy part.. I did all the measurements.. and did all the calucations for how much supplies I will need.. I just need to buy them.. and start cranking them out.. I can’t wait!  It’s gonna be soo fun!

Once those are done and out.. I need to start thinking of banners… and table decorations.. more.. more.. more!

It’s bittersweet.. and I hope that in time, I will be able to find a decent groove with raising the family and having time to do some crafting.. especially since kids are the perfect reason to have this hobby..



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