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Oh my goodness.. I honestly don’t know where my mind has been these past few days.. I’ve been losing my mind!!  Here’s a few examples of the madness:

Several times a day, while at work I’ll get up from my lab bench to get something.. I walk to where I’m supposed to be.. and I totally forget what I got up for.  I have to walk back to my lab bench to remember.. It’s insane!

I tend to ask stupid questions:
What are the 3 D’s in 3-D?! (I knew before pregnancy that 3-d stood for the x-, y- and z- axix.. but hubby had to remind me)
Did you thaw something for dinner?!  (Several nights I have watched hubby take something out.. by the next day.. I totally forget and I have to ask that question..)

Even as I type this out now.. I’m forgetting things that I totally intended to add to the blog..

Its really frustrating at times.. and I can’t wait til my mind goes back to normal..

Mother’s Day is coming up.. this Sunday.  Is it just me or did it seem like it’s earlier than most years?!  It just seemed to pop outta nowhere..

Being pregnant with our first child.. and Mother’s Day coming so quickly.. it got me thinking.. Does this Mother’s Day actually count for me?!

In my opinion.. it’s a toss up..

I could say no because the baby isn’t born yet.. and most pregnant women are referred to as “mommy-to-be.”  I could also say no because I can’t really identify with other mothers yet.  I have no “war stories” to compare with.  I don’t know the sleepless nights.. the highs.. the lows.. and all that comes with raising a child.  I still don’t know and experienced the true meaning of “mother..”

Or have I?!

I feel like the instant I found out I was pregnant, I became a mother.  My protective maternal instincts kicked in the second that pregnancy test came out positive.  I worry day and night that the child growing in me is safe, healthy and strong.  My mind is never too far away from our baby.  My life has changed in the sense that I am fully aware of the impact my actions may have on my child’s life, in and out of the womb..

I’ve felt the beginnings of “mommy sacrifices” because of the morning sickness.. the aches and pains of pregnancy.. sacrifices I deal with knowing that it’s our child in me.. and trying my best to make him/her feel safe in her temporary home..

So.. does that make me a “mommy-to-be” or just a “mommy?”

I guess it could really go either way.. what did you think when you were pregnant on Mother’s Day?!

Hubby came home from playing golf, plops on the couch.. and the following conversation occured..

Hubby:  Hun, pull my socks off
(Why I even did what he said was a surprise to me… what I do for love..)
Me:  You have a hole in your sock!
Hubby:  Ya, how else could I put my foot in?!
Me:  No, you have a hole!!!
Hubby:  Yes, on the top!

By then I’m laughing so hard.. I think I shook the baby..

He DID have a hole on his sock.. on the heel..

I gotta love a man that can continually make me laugh..

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