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If you consider a pregnancy to be 40 weeks long.. you could say that tomorrow would be the start of my 20th week.. my “half-way” mark..

But most pregnancies are usually shorter than 40 weeks.. meaning I’ve pretty much hit my “half-way” mark..

We’re halfway there, little one!  You’re growing big and strong every day.. every week the websites say there’s always something different going on with you.  You’re growing in leaps and bounds.. and I can feel you tossing and turning inside me.. especially at night..

Daddy can’t wait til he can feel you kicking with his hand against my tummy.. so do him a favor and kick him when you start to do that.. he can’t wait to experience you the way I’ve been since you’re movements have been more prominent..

Continue growing healthy and strong.. we pray every spare moment we have that you will come out healthy.. and that your birth would not be complicated by any means.. we’re all very excited to see you.. we can’t wait to hold you.. and hug you.. and kiss you.. our very own child.

We will be seeing you in an ultrasound later on next week.. we want to know your gender.. so it would help if you showed your goodies to the ultrasound tech.. but let me warn you that will be the ONLY time we allow you to “show the goodies.”  Well.. maybe this time.. and when we get a 3D ultrasound to confirm your gender.. it doesn’t matter if you are a little princess or a little knight.. as long as you come out happy and healthy.. that’s all we care about..

Halfway there, little one.. keep on doing what you need to do in there.. mommy and daddy promise to be here for you when you come out into the world.. 20 weeks or so from now.

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