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Is it prego brain?!

Posted on: May 10, 2011

Oh my goodness.. I honestly don’t know where my mind has been these past few days.. I’ve been losing my mind!!  Here’s a few examples of the madness:

Several times a day, while at work I’ll get up from my lab bench to get something.. I walk to where I’m supposed to be.. and I totally forget what I got up for.  I have to walk back to my lab bench to remember.. It’s insane!

I tend to ask stupid questions:
What are the 3 D’s in 3-D?! (I knew before pregnancy that 3-d stood for the x-, y- and z- axix.. but hubby had to remind me)
Did you thaw something for dinner?!  (Several nights I have watched hubby take something out.. by the next day.. I totally forget and I have to ask that question..)

Even as I type this out now.. I’m forgetting things that I totally intended to add to the blog..

Its really frustrating at times.. and I can’t wait til my mind goes back to normal..

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