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Or otherwise titled as “Elbow to the head!”

Hubby must subconsciously harbor some ill feelings towards me lately.. because it seems like every night.. I get elbowed in our sleep!

I think he forgot that he got married and now has to share a bed with a girl!!!!

One night.. I was dreaming that I couldn’t breathe.. I really couldn’t breathe in this dream and I was feeling very anxious.. I must have been half asleep or something but I was able to wake myself up from the dream to try to see if I could breathe.. I shook my head and “plop”¬†went the elbow off my nose..

Other nights.. it’s an elbow to my arm.. or chest..

On another night.. I turned over.. and “Bam!” elbow to the face!!¬† Ok.. so maybe that one is my fault since I kinda ran into it..

Before bed.. I tell him to not elbow me.. haha.. he has no idea what he does.. he needs to wear elbow pads.. or maybe I should get a helmet..

I think he is just infiltrating my side of the bed too much and he’s got these massive elbows that just seem to get in my way..

Oh my hubby and his elbows..

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